Frequently Asked Questions

Is all the soups suitable for C- Section Mummies? (Post Maternity Package)

Yes. Definitely. Especially those soups with fish maw in our do helps to speed up wounds recovery as well as increase lactation.

Is all the soup suitable for breast-feeding Mummies? (Post Maternity Package)

Yes, the soup is safe to consume for mummies who are breast-feeding. By consuming Nourishing Soup & Red Dates Tea, helps to replenish body fluid lost through perspiration & also increase the amount of breast milk however, having a healthy diet & have enough rest do play a part.

How many days in advance should I make order? (Post Maternity Package)

At least 15 Days from your Estimated Due Date (EDD) would be much appreciated. It’s to ensure a smooth planning* & delivery.*Pre-packed Chinese Herbals products will be packed when the date is closer to the EDD, ensuring the freshest ingredients. Please indicate your EDD at the check out page.

However, order less than 15 Days from EDD: We will try our best to do some arrangement & to schedule an earliest delivery date.

How many days in advance should I make order? (Others)

Any time.

How to order?

You can order through our online store or SMS or visit our retail shop.

How long will my order be deliver?

Post maternity Package: You will be contacted by our staff regards the delivery details around 7 to 10 days before your EDD.
However, if you happened to deliver earlier, please contact us.Others:Delivery within 3 to 7 working days.

How long can the Chinese Herbs be kept & how to storage?

Keep Refrigerated, it can last up to 12 months. No artificial Preservatives used.

Payment Methods

PayNow is Highly recommend or Cash On Delivery.

Refund / Exchange Policy

Products sold are non refundable. Receipt required for exchange within 7 days

Delivery T&C

Free Delivery for purchase above S$80.00.

S$7.00 delivery charge will applies if order less than S$80.00