About Us

Tang Liao Ge is a family business started with the concept of our Grandaunt who works as a confinement lady for more than 20years.

She is a popular confinement nanny due to her knowledge on making Chinese Herbals Nourishing Soups & experiences for taking care the needs for her customers.

She is also the first nanny who thought of providing Chinese Herbals & Fish Maw (Lining of Fish Stomach) together with her service to save trouble for her customers.

After she had retired as a confinement nanny, we think it’s a waste that her recipes to be discontinue. And here we, Tang Liao Ge continue to provide the secret recipe for Nutrition Tea & Chinese Herbals in Pre-packed Package to bring convenience for our customers.

Our Aim

Help mummies to prevent several postpartum weaknesses like cold Hands and feet and also dizziness or other symptoms, which even cause anemia due to blood lost during delivery. In addition, the lack of blood will lead to inadequate secretion of breast milk.

Encourage mummies to seize this good opportunity within these golden 4 weeks of confinement period to improve your physical conditioning with our products & also to provide adequate lactation for new born.

Provide conveniences with well-planned pre-packed Soup & Tea packages for confinement period.

We tried our best to provide our products in more affordable price and promised the quality & freshest ingredient to make you at ease.

Our Services

Provided 28 Days of Confinement Packages like:

    • 28 Days Soup that has different benefits of nourishing everyday (Included Fish Maw)

Fish Maw: Dried form of fish air bladder, fish maw can be divided into different types. It’s rated along with sea cucumber; abalone & shark fin due to Fish maw contains high proteins and nutrients. Its also high in colloid help to nourish weak lung, weak knee & replenish collagen in our body. Chinese believe eating fish maw during pregnancy helps to improve their complexion as well as the skin of their baby. And also believe eating after birth helps increase lactation too.

  • 28 Days Red Dates Tea, a secret formula that have been passed down by our Grandmother.
  • 28 Days DA FON AI Herbal Bath certified in Singapore.

All Type Of Top Grade Herbals:

Dried Jujubes – Nan Zao (南枣)

Bei Qi – Hei Qi (黑芪)

Dang Shen – Codonopsis Root (上等党参)

Dried Fish Maw – Thin to Thick Fish Maw (花胶)

Bird Nest – Organic Bird Nest (燕窝)

Ginseng – 吉林 (人参)

Up to 60+ Type Of Daily Nourishing Soups / Desserts to chose from.